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EA Connections is proudly south african
EA Connections is proudly south african

EA Connections is a proudly South African business passionately focussed on creating quality connections between residential property sellers and successful estate agents.

We understand that selling your home can be a daunting experience. It’s natural to seek out the leading real estate brands and top agents operating in your area. The problem is that there are a lot of agencies and agents who claim to be the best. And it takes a lot of time trying to figure out who is right. If only someone could provide a trusted recommendation based on personal experience.

That’s where EA Connections comes in. We know the property business inside out and we know who’s who. After more than fifteen years in the industry, we have developed the knack of identifying who would be the best person to sell your property. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a house, a simplex or duplex unit in a complex or a flat or apartment . There is no need for risk taking, especially with something as valuable as your home.

We feel fulfilled when we can connect sellers to top agents who understand the South African property market and know how to sell.

The estate agents we refer you to do not take the task of selling your home lightly and they consistently offer professional and personal service. Going the extra mile to earn your respect is something you can expect from them, as well as valuable advice and guidance.

Once you’re connected with one of these expert agents, they will be in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation property valuation. This is in order to set an appropriate asking price for your property. If you decide to go ahead with the chosen estate agent, you will then ascertain whether it will be an open or sole mandate. They will assist you with the process from there, and before you know it your home will be on the market.

What does EA Connections get out of it?

Should you go ahead with the sale of your property with the estate agent we recommend then we will get a small percentage of any commission he or she receives on the sale. That means that you do not pay EA Connections a thing. Our service to you is completely free.

For now, we’re completely focussed on the Randburg, Johannesburg area as this is where we have the most experience and knowledge. Whilst we aim to extend our reach, we will always make sure we know the area and agents better than anyone else. If you are selling a property outside of Randburg and seeking an estate agent, please do still get in touch with us and we will do our best to connect you with the right people.

Ready to begin the process of selling your property?

Let us connect you with an estate agent who can help you sell your home for it’s true worth.

About the CEO

EA Connections CEO, Sandy Graham, has been in the South African property market for over fifteen years.

She began her property-focussed career at FNB Home Loans where, for almost eight years, she managed successful and talented individuals in the sales and marketing departments. The team was involved in public relations, above- and below-the-line marketing, direct marketing, online marketing, events and more. It was here that Sandy began to learn about the South African property market in depth and, more importantly, how it impacts those selling their homes or working on increasing the value of their properties.

While at FNB, Sandy successfully launched a loyalty programme offering home loan customers a wide selection of home improvement deals to improve property value.

Sandy’s time at FNB means she knows the ins and outs of a bank’s home loan operation. And how a bank’s business channels operate, including the estate agent, MO, direct and branch banking channels. She also understands how a bank makes money on long-term home loans, the benefits of using available funds to add value to a property and the dynamics of estate agencies.

When she moved to the Gauteng North West sales environment at FNB Home Loans, she worked closely with some of the prominent real estate brands, specifically in the Randburg or Gauteng North West areas, and got to meet many people in the industry.

She then spent eight years at Imperial, a well-known logistics brand on the JSE, where she was predominantly involved in the development and sales management of homeowners’ insurance cover. This gave her even more exposure in the South African property market.

Sandy then spent some time at ABSA as a sales manager selling life assurance cover to homeowners. In this position, she worked closely with the ABSA Home Loans staff and learnt even more about the South African property market.

Where did the idea of EA Connections come from?

The main thing Sandy has learnt over the years is how difficult it can be to connect with top estate agents when selling property because estate agencies and estate agents change and move around a lot. When Sandy herself was trying to sell her home, she struggled to find the best estate agent to help her and had no referrals. When she researched agencies in the area she was selling in, she found plenty. However, few were of the calibre that she would recommend to a family member, friend or colleague.

This was when the idea of EA Connections was born. She learnt the value of solid referrals and the importance of a reliable recommendation from someone you can trust. She realised that others would also value an agent who really listens and provides honest advice and excellent personal service.

Sandy only recommends estate agents who she would be happy to allow into her own home to sell her property. Estate agencies and agents are not always who they market themselves to be. Her aim is to provide her clients with solid personal referrals for estate agents who are respected and renowned for being good at what they do. She knows who is the best because they value service. And who just says they’re the best. She also understands who to refer for simple transactions and who would be better for more complex transactions.

Passion for property, particularly in the Randburg area, defines Sandy. She understands a seller’s market and a buyer’s market, and she has been around to experience the ups and downs of both. Sandy makes it her business to study trends and shifts in the market, connects with industry leaders often and continues to read and learn about the South African property industry.

She understands pricing, valuations, marketing, maximising potential, home improvements selling, buying and transfers. Sandy may not know everything, but she knows a lot and she certainly recognises a good estate agent from a bad one. One thing is for sure, you can trust her to find you the best estate agent.

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