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Getting a divorce and need to sell your property

Getting A Divorce And Need To Sell Your Property

Getting a divorce?  Need to sell your property?  Nobody can discount the impact that a loss of a significant relationship (divorce) can have on anyone.  And divorce is one of life’s most difficult challenges.  Divorce or separation, in particular, can increase your risk of distressful psychological symptoms so be mindful of these and be kind to yourself.  According to many studies, globally, this is a potential risk factor that must be carefully considered and understood.

Getting a divorce and need to sell?

Now you know your marriage is over and you find yourself in a position where you need to sell.  Please consider working with a reputable agent in your area.  Not only do you need to get through a divorce, which is taxing at best, but now you also need to kick into a higher gear and get stuff done.  That may include selling your family home.  Why just leave the appointment of an agent to chance.  Do your research if you must but partner with a prominent agent that has a solid track record and is passionate about providing you with good service.  That includes making your situation clear to the estate agent that comes to do a free property valuation.  Doing a valuation and signing the mandate is one thing, but you need to consider viewings.  Be sure to ask your property agent what the strategy is to view your property given your current situation.  Most of us are still able to work from home which makes us all a little more flexible to pop out and view a property because it literally takes 20 minutes.  But opening your home to potential buyers means you are on your toes and your home needs to look good every time you do a viewing.  Every viewing is a potential sale and you want your home looking 100% for every single property viewing.

Two types of sales mandates and both have merit

  • A sole mandate: Getting a divorce or getting separated does not make the type of mandate more or less important.  It’s imperative and it’s critical to the successful sale of your home. The sole mandate only allows 1 estate agent to market your property. Consider 3 months as a period, tops.  You will get better service and the feedback is generally much better, not to mention a 100% committed property professional.
  • An open mandate: If you are getting a divorce, this may also be a good option for you because you and your soon to be ex may like different agents.  An open mandate will allow more than 1 estate agent to market your property.  If you choose to appoint 3 estate agents remember that they will all want to take their own photos and possibly a video if they can.  You will also have 3 estate agents wanting to book time with you to do viewings.  You can and will be quite busy on this front but it really is your call.  Also, in the current buyer’s market where there are more properties on the market than there are buyers, this may not be a bad option.

What is going on in the property market?

Going through a divorce and managing the viewing process

Once the mandate has been signed, and the photos have been taken, your estate agent will want to list your property to make full use of the mandated period you have agreed to.  Your property agent will receive inquiries which they will field for you and they will request times for potential buyers to view the property.  Late afternoons or weekends are popular.

Divorcing, what documentation is required for the sale?

  • Freestanding or Freehold Property: You will need a copy of your ID document and both parties if the bond is in a joint capacity.  Also, proof of residence and a recent levy statement.  Also requested may be a recent COJ statement.  A certificate of compliance or COC for the Electrical(s) of the house, the electric fence, and also gas will be required.  You will need to complete the documents required in terms of FICA.  And, finally, also approved building plans.
  • Sectional Title: You will need to provide a copy of the annual financial statements for your complex.  Proof of residence.  And copies of ID books.  You may need to furnish the complex rules.  A recent copy of your COJ statement will help buyers to assess their new monthly financial commitments.  Finally, the monthly rates and taxes will help buyers to understand their new financial commitments.

We can connect you to the top agents in Randburg, NOW

The process to get divorced is mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing.  Let us help you by connecting to a top estate agent in Randburg now.  Simply click here and let us do the rest for you.  That means we will get a prominent agent with a good track record to contact you.  Partner with a reputable estate agent that has a good track record and a passion for excellent customer service.  It all starts with a free property valuation.  If you want a valuation to get an indication of what your property is worth, click here.  When and if you browse through the articles we have written, we provide you with suburb specific property reports.  If you would like a free complex report, then click here, leave your details, your specific complex name, if in the Randburg area, and we will gladly provide you with one, free of charge.

No more running around.  No more wasting time.  Just a one-stop-shop that can connect you with top estate agents in your specific area.

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