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Getting a “TOO” low offer when you sell your home?

Getting A “TOO” Low Offer When You Sell Your Home?

How do you handle a low offer when you sell your home?  The interest rate at it’s lowest in over 5 decades.  And the SA property market still finds itself in a buyer’s market, meaning there is more stock than there are buyers at the moment.  This is a buyers market fair and square and there are a few benefits stacked on a buyers side right now:

  • Because the interest rate is the lowest it’s been in over 50 years, buyers that could only afford to buy a property for say R1m can now ‘buy up”. This means that affordability is better if you are buying a property at the moment.
  • Also, buyers know the interest rate is down and they may also know that if you have had a property on the market for some time that they would be willing to test the waters with a very low offer. Remember when you sell your home, that buyers are looking for good deals at the moment and this may result in them putting in a cheeky offer.

Handle a low offer like a pro when you sell your home?

When you sell your home, and you do get an offer, especially if it’s your 1st offer on your property but it’s way lower than you were expecting, take a huge breath, and just breathe.  Remember that this is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, it’s a good thing.  This means that the potential buyer likes your home enough to put in an offer.  Remember that this is where the negotiation starts.  Hopefully, you are working with a seasoned estate agent who can help you with the negotiation.

This is for all intents and purposes an opening bid.  If you are selling your home, the best way to handle this is to understand that this is when you can expect to start receiving counteroffers.  A low-ball offer is better than no offer and no interest.  If you are working with a top real estate professional they will be able to help you from here.  You have every right to either accept or reject the offer at any stage, before the sale agreement or the offer to purchase (OTP) is signed.

When you sell your home, remember buyers are informed

There is a great deal of information available about property trends at the moment.  In fact, buyers are more informed than ever, and given that we have all come out of a level  5 lockdown, we have all read a great deal more than usual.   A buyer will always be looking for good value for money and a good bargain at that.

Buyers have done their homework

  • Online viewings during level 5 were prominent.
  • Buyers had time to read up on the property trends.
  • Buyers now know full well what they really want in a property.
  • Overpriced properties have been eliminated from their search.
  • Estate agents need to work harder to take better photos.
  • And top estate agents now consider more than ever the introduction of a 3D video because they work.  Although these are expensive to compile they do differentiate your property.  And your property rankings actually go up because of the video.
  • A serious buyer now puts in an offer with a pre-approved loan from the bank.

Need a free property valuation

The process to sell a home starts with a free property valuation or a property appraisal.  We have covered this topic quite a few times.  Click here to find out how we have unpacked the terminology associated with understanding a property valuation.  Let us get an agent to get in touch with you today to do a free property valuation.  The asking price really is your most important decision to make when you decide to sell.  Click here to book your property valuation now.

Connect with a top estate agent now

If you are planning on selling your home then you want to partner with a top estate agent in your area.  By partnering with a prominent estate agent, you know you can rely on their strong negotiating skills to get you the best price possible when you sell.   Remember an agents commission is derived from the sale of your property making it important to both you and your estate agent to get the best price when you sell.  Click here to connect with a top estate agent in your area now.

Get in touch now

  • Call us on (083) 550-1220 if you have any questions at all and need more assistance.
  • Need a free property valuation (physical), or even a digital property valuation, click here, leave your details and we will call you right back to book your valuation.
  • Need EA Connections to refer you to the top agent in your area?  Click here and leave your details – we will call you right back.
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