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Sell my house fast

Sell My House Fast

If you are wondering “how do I sell a house fast” then as a property owner you may be thinking of selling or you already have your home on the market.  If you look at the picture we have included, does this house look ready to move in?  Does it look inviting?  And does it look well-maintained?  This house will sell fast because it is indeed move-in-ready.

Either way, there are some golden rules that apply to make sure you can answer the questions about how to sell a house fast.

4 things to ensure you are able to sell a house fast:

  1. Price: Firstly, if you want to sell a home fast you need to make 100% sure that your home is priced correctly. Nothing less than perfect pricing will ensure a swift sale.  Price it right and it will sell overnight.  Price it wrong and it takes longer.  The asking price must be market-related.  Click here if you need more info on the different terminology related to a property valuation.
  2. Clean and declutter: Secondly and equally importantly, to sell a house fast you must declutter and do some deep cleaning. A clean home looks well maintained and psychologically to a potential buyer, this means the so much.  Also, when you have decluttered every room in your home it will also look more spacious.
  3. Home staging: Thirdly, if you want to sell a house fast, consider home staging. We have covered the importance of home staging in a buyer’s market.  We have also covered the benefits of home staging. Going room by room here are the basics.  Staging for success in a buyer’s market, the kitchen, your bathrooms, your TV Room, and your master bedroom.  Add to that we have included a small home office which you will agree has become more important than ever, your kiddies bedroom(s), and a well-maintained garden).  These rooms all of these spaces work together allowing your buyer to imagine themselves in your beautiful home.
  4. 100% ready to move in: Finally, if you want to sell a house fast, make sure all the repairs are done.  With recent interest rate reductions, many buyers will be ‘buy up’.  This means that buyers may have very little extra cash to make repairs.  Therefore, make all the repairs before you even get a top estate agent involved.

Let us help you with a free property valuation

Do you need to know what your property is worth?  You will want to sell your house fast when you decide to sell.  We can assist you with a free property valuation if you live in the Randburg area.  Our property valuation is based on years of experience and we include a comparative market analysis or CMA.  We will also point out as we see it, what the positive and negatives are for you to consider.  Our free property valuation will recommend the right asking price. And this means that you will know without a doubt what the market-related value of your property is.

Are you looking to rent?

We can assist you as well, although it’s not our primary focus.  As a small business situated in Randburg, we know who the top agencies are in the Randburg area that are well known for their rentals.  Therefore, simply leave your details online and we will give you a call to discuss what you are looking for.

Do you own an investment property that you need to sell?

Even if your investment property is currently rented out and you need to sell it, you will need to sell a house fast in the current buyer’s market.  In a recent article we covered the sale of investment properties, please check it out.  But, even more so, if you have tenants living in your investment property it is a good idea to view the property before it goes on the market.  It is a bind to spend money on an investment property, let’s face it, but a fresh coat of paint will do wonders if you plan to sell a house fast.

Sell a house fast that you are living in

No matter what your reason for selling you want to sell your house fast.  Follow our home staging tips (see above) and make sure you sell fast and for the best possible price.  Book your free property valuation now so that we can help you get started with the process to sell your home fast.

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