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Find top real estate brands in the Blairgowrie suburb to sell your home

Find Top Real Estate Brands In The Blairgowrie Suburb To Sell Your Home

Looking for top real estate brands and the most prominent agents to sell your home in the Blairgowrie suburb?  Ever wondered what the current buyers in the Blairgowrie area look like and why we think this is important?

We cover what new buyers in the Blairgowrie suburb look like and more specifically the age group.  We also cover what you can do to improve the marketability of your home in a buyer’s market.

But, let’s consider that there are almost 3,000 existing residential properties in the Blairgowrie area, according to P24.

Properties currently on the market in the Blairgowrie suburb

There are 140 properties on the market in Blairgowrie at the moment according to P24.

Who is buying property in Blairgowrie?

According to P24, it’s the younger generation that is buying property in the Blairgowrie suburb.  In fact, the broad age group of 36 – 49 and this group represents 80.1% of all the recorded buyers in the Blairgowrie area.

Who is more likely to buy your home when you sell?

So, does your home currently appeal to a younger generation?

If we already know that your property will be bought from a younger generation, it is very important that you consider the benefits that home staging can bring to the process of selling your home.  We have been covering this topic extensively and have been going room by room.

A common misconception is that you need to home stage every single room in your home when you consider selling.  This is not the case.  Remember you are showing off your home and not your taste and style in home decorating.

A few home staging tips to consider

  • One of the most important considerations, when you home stage is to declutter. This is notably the number 1 focus in almost every home staging article that you will read.
  • The 2nd most important tip is to clean. Really, really clean and so much so that everything should sparkle all the way through your home.
  • The look you are going for is a minimalist look, all the way through your home. Pack away as much as possible. Work on creating an illusion of space in every room because that’s what buyers are looking for.
  • You want to make sure your home appeals to as wide an audience as possible. So, keep the colours on the walls as neutral or tranquil as possible.  Nothing bright and gaudy.  Keep the colours to soft and neutral.
  • Consider some new accessories like (scatter cushions, standing lamps, new lampshades or even some bright colourful rugs) as an investment. In specific rooms, use these items sparingly to add colour if need be.  Remember the cost of these key items will always be far lower than being asked to drop your asking price.

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